The Janet S. Austin Chronic Disease Foundation, a national non-profit 501(c) 3, organization for those in pain from chronic diseases providing resources and support to enhance their mental, physical, relational, and spiritual capabilities setting them on a path to a better quality of life.

We seek to help connect people in pain to resources and support through in-person and social media connections. People in chronic pain can feel alone and abandoned, living with painful diseases for which there is no known cure. We offer a place for people looking for a sense of belonging by providing a website, messages of inspiration and hope via Facebook, Twitter, video, and personal exchanges.

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Frankie, an empathetic Boston Terrier, helps humans in chronic disease pain.

A sampling of the comments left on Frankie’s page:

  • From MamaBear: You are the Sunshine that starts my day…thank you Frankie and Frankies Mom.
  • From Sylvie: Frankie you are the best medicine mommy could have…hope she is better soon….you just keep helping her…we all love you very much.
  • From Shellie: Thank you for all your cares and concerns Frankie. I’m having a tuff day today too. But im try in to take it easy and not over do. Kisses to you Frankie!!
  • From Tessie: Good for you and mom Frankie I know what you mean. I have that bad A-word too. Good days and bad days. Hope you have a good day love you little man!
  • From Barbie: Frankie…you seem to be the pain guru…I woke up today and can barely move my knees. Keep in your thoughts today you little troll hunter!
  • From Ronnie: Thank you my dear friend. My dear Felicia a great Boston terrier loves me to read your post daily. Have a great night be reading what you write next time. lotsa licks..
  • From Margie: Oh Frankie, sweet smoochie face, trolls are running rampant today. Have big, big head pain. I woke up 4am dreaming of you little man, words repeating in my dream/head “Frankie bite pain, Frankie bite pain”. See how much you mean to everybody little man. Good thing your mom has you near by…..we all be better morrow and hunts dem bad trolls, dey better be hidin.

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2 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Dear Janet, your positive attitude, your strength and courage, and most of all your warmth and sense of humor inspire me. Thank you for this website. Your thoughts offer insights of universal relevance. This is a wonderful way to share your hard-won joy and wisdom with the world. Looking forward to savoring some of that in person! 🙂

    Warm regards,

  2. I absolutely love getting the daily posts from Frankie. I too have chronic pain and ready his posts, always puts a smile on my face. Taking your mind off things always helps that.
    Frankie posts just brighten your day!!!

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