Monthly Archives: September 2013


Across The Ocean Blue

I love the view of the ocean, really any water — a pond, river or lake. But there is something special about the ocean. The breeze, the air, the smells, and the motion of the waves. Chronic pain and limited mobility can cause sorrow and feelings of hopelessness. I have found the ocean to have a renewing quality; the beauty is breathtaking, the vastness awes the soul. In some ways, the ocean may be the nearest way in which to comprehend eternity. The colors calm a heavy heart. We are told to slow down and give our worries and anxieties to the Holy Spirit. To rest in the comfort of our being, trusting God to know our every need.

Take it all to God each day. Throughout the day take a deep breath and let go of tension. You may never be without chronic pain and that’s okay. You have the inner strength and power to enjoy each day — to see the light and embrace the joy. You have free will! You can make the choice to see and share the light or sit in the darkness alone and unhappy. Make up your mind to accept your life, strive for wellness, and help others in need. You can find no greater purpose. You are not alone.