Monthly Archives: March 2014


What’s Your Take On Angels?

For some time now I have been seeking a better understanding of the role of angels. There seems to be conflicting views and some minimize angels in today’s world. I have grown confused about them and yet I am intrigued and felt their comforting presence in my life.

I have always found strength in the thought of guardian angels. Having a chronic disease and living with varying degrees of pain and limitations, an angel standing guard to comfort and provide strength has been of great reassurance. In addition, knowing the Spirit was within, I rarely felt alone and frightened.

Pain can be a lonely place and our minds can allow thoughts of endless suffering and hopelessness. My inner support team the Holy Spirit and Samuel (my guardian angel) have connected me to peace of mind, courage, and strength through many challenging days and nights.

Your inner dialogue can uplift you through difficult times as you feel yourself speeding down an endless pit of anguish, regret and even hopelessness.

We are told to rejoice in all things and to be thankful for those things allowed to occur in our lives. Many say there’s a time and place for everything. Grief is a necessary path toward letting go. Your mind is powerful — move toward thankfulness. Teach it to focus on the many blessings in your life, big and small. Watch our earthly feathered friends this spring building their nests and rejoice as the miracle of life appears before your eyes. Learn more about spiritual angels. The renowned Billy Graham wrote a book on his insights. If the thought of angels help provide comfort and strength, believe. I do. What do you think?



Where You Been?

It has been too long. I’m not sure where my head has been but it sure hasn’t been in a good place to write. I blame it on the winter, the cold, the wetness, and the resulting pain.

It is difficult to compartmentalize sometimes. I take joy in knowing most days I can fake it with the best of them; pretending that physically I am strong and powerful. I love clear crisp thoughts and the ability to multi-task, such as watching TV with my husband, playing with the dogs, compiling a to-do list, and discussing plot lines.  But this winter there were times I exploded in frustration, asking for quiet.

Yes, I appear to be sitting and available for comments but my mind this winter, more often than not, was wading through the fog and pouring rain trying to see through the commotion coming at me. Don’t take it personally, I cry.  Just please stop and let me clear the static coming at me and find my way. It is comforting to know you are there.