Monthly Archives: March 2015


Peace in the Valley

The other day, Frankie and I were relaxing outside. We are fortunate in that we often find ourselves alone in the quiet. After many years of chronic disease pain, I have learned to appreciate the quietness and to seek it out each day. Time — even five minutes — in the stillness can make a difference in the quality of the day. During this time, I practice positive self-talk. If you’re like me, it is easy to beat yourself up mentally. Words like stupid, ugly, and dumpling come to mind. This can hurt the spirit and damage our ability to cope with pain. Turn it around as soon as possible. We are strong, powerful, fun and joyous! Our words are empowering. Find three words that uplift your spirit and write them down. Practice saying them (internally and out loud) several times a day. Nourish the spirit, believe in yourself, and ask the spirit to show the way.