Monthly Archives: December 2015




Yesterday, I injured my arm trying to put on a pair of “normal” jeans! Until you are forced to wear elastic band pants, you may not know the exhilaration of getting into regular clothing! Optimism was high before the crash – Craig, my husband who has ALS, got in on this special event and at one point tried to pull the sides together with his powerful jaw! Unfortunately, the button wouldn’t fasten. Having to cry “uncle” we stopped and that’s when I realized I could no longer lift my left shoulder. The struggle caused the long-standing rheumatoid arthritis affecting my shoulder to flare.

So, on went the old girl pants.  Next came socks and shoes. The left foot and leg cooperated beautifully. But the right knee was swollen and wouldn’t bend! Nor would the left shoulder reach to assist. Still needing to brush my hair, the doorbell rang and I’m ready to scream! I threw on a shirt and went to the door to let my niece in. I’m greeted with a hug and “Aunt Jan, why do you only have 1 shoe on?”

Em put my sock and shoe on asking if we were still going to IHOP. Heck yes! Craig’s walker went in the car with us and off we drove. With my hair looking like a tumble weed we arrived and hobble out of the handicap parking space. Since my shoulder hurt to move it, Em helped Craig eat his raspberry crepes and I dug into my “Senior Special!”

As things quietened down, Craig looked up at me and grinned saying “Baby, did you know your shirt is on inside out?!?” Yep, I still gots style! Strutting in my old girl pants!!