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New Website Offers Education, Encouragement and Empowerment to Those in Chronic Pain


Hurting? You are not alone!

An estimated 100 million Americans live in chronic pain – often feeling isolated, powerless and looking for support. A new online community,, launched this week by the JSA Chronic Disease Foundation seeks to relieve those feelings and offer encouragement and a sense of belonging to people in pain and those who care for them.

 “More than just a Web site, Hope Springs is a community alive with opportunities for visitors to empower themselves in an environment of support and education,” says Hope Springs Village founder, Janet S. Austin, PhD. Visitors to Hope Springs can “visit” any or all of a dozen buildings as they wish, including a pharmacy where they will find important information about the medications they take for pain, a café where they will learn to make healthy food choices to relieve inflammation and pain, a chapel where they will discover the effects of spirituality and prayer on pain perception and health and much, much more.

Over time, visitors will also find hidden within the community keys to solve the password needed to join the community and unlock the power within themselves to bring new life and light into the darkness of chronic disease pain.  

The idea of the Hope Spring Village was born after an expert panel convened by the National Institutes of Health concluded that an individualized, patient-centered approach was needed to treat and monitor those affected by chronic pain. At the core of the patient-centered approach is an empowered patient. The Hope Springs community is alive with opportunities for patients and their caregivers to learn empowerment skills.