A Real Live Ballerina

We met a “real live ballerina” much to the surprise of my niece.  I had to ask if she was expecting her to be other than live?!?  We laughed and commented after meeting her that she is no ordinary lady. Yes, she is beautiful, elegant, and poised (what one would expect in a ballerina). But when she talks you feel like you are in the presence of grace. There is an elegance, style, and charm that have all but disappeared in this ordinary, fast-paced, abrupt world we live in.

Having a chronic disease which destroys joints, dislocating and fusing the beauty (which can so clearly be seen in ballet) into misshapen and distorted alignment, is challenging. The awesomeness of a ballet flows so fluidly and the magnificence is simply breathtaking. Tears fall, not from personal regret and envy, but from the knowledge of the perfection in which our bodies were made and how they were meant to perform.

This broken world deals pain to all; some individuals are inconvenienced on occasion and others endure a lifetime of chronic relentless discomfort. Having rheumatoid arthritis (a disease which takes delight in destroying the joints causing pain, stiffness, instability, and swelling), the ballet has always left me inspired. Someday I know I will feel that grace and elegance when I get there–Up Above. Until then, I will strive to look for the joy in the mystery of life. For as Barbara Barker, “a real live ballerina,” says, “Suffering is the sculpting tool of God. Difficulties are there to make us depend on Him and not on ourselves.” Check out her book; I did.

What does it take to live a life of radical faith – a life that can only be explained by God? In Faith Pointes, Barbara B. Barker shares the basic life lessons that make radical faith possible. With stories of victories and failures from her own personal faith journey, you will be encouraged to follow God on this exciting path.


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