The View From Here

I am trying to hold on to the joy, to rejoice each day, but there are too many people who seem to be adversely affected with a blasé, if not hopeless, view of life!  And they seem determined to share it with everyone whether folks want to hear it or not. You can’t simply turn off the TV — it’s everywhere — salespeople have forgotten how to smile, businesses want you to talk to computers after wading through complicated phone algorithms and then wait an hour for your turn to talk to a human being (or should I say an individual with little power, who usually transfers you to another hold line), and yes, I spent 6 hours (I kid you not) on the phone with a company! I was transferred 7 times and placed on hold each time. No, the problem was never resolved.  I don’t get it, honestly. How do places stay in business? Life is full of actual heart-breaking physical and mental pain. Must we be forced to interact and ultimately pay for the “service” we receive from these humorless, unhelpful, and sour reservoirs of dissatisfaction and gloom?

Having lived with significant pain for 30+ years, I have learned our potential for coping is greatly enhanced by maintaining a positive attitude and interacting with others who are uplifting, helpful, and courteous.  Aren’t we challenged to love one another?  If not love, can’t we at least be kind to each other?

Next time you encounter someone who appears to be bored and disinterested in doing their job, try smiling or put a jolly cheerful tone to your voice as you thank them for their assistance. Tell them they made your day and that you won’t forget them, laugh gleefully and walk away. At least they’ll think about you and wonder (if not worry) whether you’re a real nut job or not! Take joy where you can find it!


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