A World Of Pain

Constant, sharp, nagging, binding, piecing, stabbing, crunching, dull, impairing, aching, throbbing, disfiguring, relentless…

I’ve always known life isn’t fair and I understand we rarely are privileged to have answers to the question ‘why?’ But I always thought if you were a good and caring person that life would be kind. Having a chronic disease (rheumatoid arthritis) for 40+ years, I have learned that the glass can be seen as ½ full (as opposed to ½ empty) if you work daily on yourself, carefully monitoring what you allow within your life space. We take in thousands of bytes of data daily. Are you uplifting to others sharing things of beauty, joy, peace, and love? Or words that are dark, depressing, hopeless, and filled with fear?

The data we take in influence who we become. Take responsibility for your choices; there is already too much that comes our way involuntarily. Don’t sit in the darkness; seek the light. It’s up to you.


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