Pain Is Such A Pain

I never have been able to get my mind around pain. We are told to respect it but it is inconceivable to me to respect something that takes and never gives. I am so very fortunate after 30 + years of living with RA to have never received a joint replacement. Many of the angels in my life have had 2 to 22 replacements and then replacement of the replacements. I admire their strength. My shoulder has been in the last stages of function for several years and I was told about a month ago that it has significantly progressed since last year. Don’t I know it. The pain isn’t quite relentless, which I am told is the time to have it replaced. The past few weeks have been difficult. Frankie (our Boston Terrier) brings such joy to the family and his jest for life can’t be contained. I am bruised and torn in various places — feel like the Velvetine Rabbit! Absolutely great to be loved so much but…my shoulder has flared from all the play and walking of sweet Frank. Got the joint injected and I’m suppose to go to PT (just haven’t made the time).

Night can be the most challenging. Waking up hurting and unable to find a comfortable position to fall back to sleep. I have found if one joint acts up, another soon follows. Now my left hip and my right shoulder hurts and I hate sleeping on my back. End up getting up, drinking hot tea and taking something for the pain. This usually takes a minimum of 30 minutes to an hour.

Ironically, I am beginning to enjoy the night hours. Alone with my thoughts and prayers. Its not always easy and it sure gets old but you can usually find some little piece of goodness in most of life’s struggles. Be at peace with your day and look for the good–you’ll find it.


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