Learn To Bend

Palm trees have a special quality they can bend in high forceful winds. Sturdy Oak trees are no match for forceful winds. Unable to withstand the power behind hurricanes they fall and often become uprooted.  These winds are no challenge for Palm trees.  They simply wait out the storm, show resilience, and bounce back. Some say Palm trees have a rooting system that when bent and pushed strengthens giving new growth.

With rheumatoid arthritis, flares can be forceful and fierce working to destroy and bend the joints. The force and resulting pain can be challenging to overcome.  But God gave us the ability to bend without breaking our spirit. Flares will come and go and the storms of life will threaten us. With God we can withstand all incoming threats to steal our joy and break our spirits. With each storm we weather, we build resilience and strength. Be like a Palm tree, wait it out in faith and bounce back as soon as you can. God is a God of restoration. He will renew your spirit – no set back can keep you from your God-given destiny.

(Palm tree analogy and description from It’s Your Time, Joel Osteen)


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