A Force To Be Reckoned With

I am calm and peaceful…well and happy…strong and powerful.

Words of affirmation, each morning and often throughout the day, I draw upon these words. Each day, as you know we have a choice to experience a world of peace or agony. So very powerful to know that chaos, pain, and confusion may interrupt your day but how you deal with these powerful interruptions is your choice.

All behavior is a choice. Many years ago, I read the life story of Jeremiah Denton, one of the longest prisoners of war during the Vietnam War, he said, when you’re broken don’t despair, bounce back as soon as you can to the hardline.  Yes, there are times we despair but we have within us the power to choose a different course — that of hope and gratitude.

I have identified often in the past with prisoners of war, trapped in bodies that choose to torture, seemingly upon a whim often without warning; plans are destroyed, dreams are shattered, and hope compromised but only temporarily. As night passes into day, this too shall pass away. For hope remains steadfast — it is your choice.


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