How Does One Live A Life Of Pain With No Cure

Did you know there is a world of difference between chronic disease pain and this growing concern with regulations for people becoming addicted to opioids? In other words, addiction vs. chronic disease pain management. 

Individuals Without Chronic Disease have a chance with rehab to live a life without chronic pain. Lifestyle adjustments can help make the difference. Those of us living with chronic disease pain wish we had a choice to at least try and work towards a cure!  Those suffering from addiction, many times, have the option of taking something to ease them through the discomfort and anxiety stemming from withdrawal. One example being Suboxone. Then they have a choice to stay clean and no longer take pain medicine. 

The life of someone with long-standing chronic disease–like rheumatoid arthritis (where there is no cure) involving significant daily pain from joints that have degenerated to bone on bone, where inflammation is often ongoing–simply will not survive without something to help lessen the intensity of the pain. Years of destruction is irreversible; joints don’t heal, realign and/or stabilize. Getting out of bed, taking a shower, and getting to the sofa can be excruciating and, without pain medication, near impossible. There is extreme determination but when knees, hips, shoulders and feet are screaming with pain–what’s the point? I have been known to stay in the same clothes, day and night, for 3 days straight before changing because I didn’t have the strength to fight the pain to change and bathe. 

I am blessed to have access to a rheumatologist where chronic pain management is more understood and treatment is available.  Sometimes I allow the intensity of the pain to get out of hand and my mind goes to thoughts of the comfort of the beyond, so I deeply understand the desperation of my fellow strugglers. 

There are many being caught up in the new guidelines and regulations who are being sent to addiction pain clinics where people with and without chronic disease are being treated in a like manner, and being made to feel all pain is the same, and that modalities used to treat pain for addiction are the same for chronic disease pain. 

We are now hearing of pain medication being withdrawn and stopped, even resulting in patients choosing to take their lives–unable to continue living trapped in a body torturing them.

Please help us raise awareness that all opioid use is not the same. People in chronic disease pain are much like patients with cancer. In RA, the cartilage is dying, often bones are too. Organs and systems can be compromised resulting in comorbidities, i.e. coronary heart disease, osteoporosis, diabetes. 

There is constant pain and once joints, tendons, ligaments, organs are destroyed, you can’t go back. It is a lifetime of losses with no cure. The physical pain must be medically managed or you leave us with little hope to endure the pain of chronic disease. Please help. 

5 thoughts on “How Does One Live A Life Of Pain With No Cure

  1. So well written. Wish we had a solution in sight! Thank you for sharing your knowledge on this controversial topic.

    1. Eliz: Many thanks for your understanding. When opportunity arises, please lend a word support. I cherish your encouragement.

    1. Donna-together we can at least raise our voices. As a kindred spirit, I know you live everyday in this new struggle.

  2. Oh, how you spoke my heart and the frustrations we feel! As you stated so well, it’s hard enough to live with this horrible disease without having to fight the medical system that is supposed to help you. After living with this disease for 50 years, it seems to get harder each day. Steve and I do our best to spea k up, write letters to state & national officials. Thanks for being a leader in our battle to live with RA. You are the best!@

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