Where You Been?

It has been too long. I’m not sure where my head has been but it sure hasn’t been in a good place to write. I blame it on the winter, the cold, the wetness, and the resulting pain.

It is difficult to compartmentalize sometimes. I take joy in knowing most days I can fake it with the best of them; pretending that physically I am strong and powerful. I love clear crisp thoughts and the ability to multi-task, such as watching TV with my husband, playing with the dogs, compiling a to-do list, and discussing plot lines.  But this winter there were times I exploded in frustration, asking for quiet.

Yes, I appear to be sitting and available for comments but my mind this winter, more often than not, was wading through the fog and pouring rain trying to see through the commotion coming at me. Don’t take it personally, I cry.  Just please stop and let me clear the static coming at me and find my way. It is comforting to know you are there.


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