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With chronic diseases, it is easy to fall into the trap of hopelessness when it comes to the varying intensity of chronic pain and the ongoing progression of disease. It is critically important that you increase your knowledge around things you can do to help improve your quality of life today and over time.

Ask yourself: What do I want?

Regular medical care is an important part of any chronic disease.

You get ready for a date. You prepare for meetings and presentations at work. But most people don’t think to prepare for visits to the doctor. If you’re one of them, you’re missing out on an important way to help ensure you get the best
possible health care.

Preparing for Your Doctor Visit, NIH News in Health

The Mayo Clinic suggest 7 tips to stay on top of your loved one’s care. Although specific to Alzheimers, the information is applicable to chronic disease management.

Mayo Clinic: 7 tips for medical visits

What can I do?

Make informed health-related decisions. Talk to your doctor and your other medical care professionals.

Many people go to the doctor to just listen and let the doctor take the lead. But the best patient-doctor relationships are partnerships. You and your doctor can work together as a team that includes nurses, physician assistants, pharmacists and other health care providers to address your medical problems and keep you healthy.

Become a Partner in Your Health Care, NIH News in Health

Patient Empowerment: Myths and Misconceptions

How do I take a more active role in my health care?

Today, more and more patients are taking the lead in their medical care, embracing patient-centered care where care is based on the goals of the individual being supported, as opposed to the goals of the system or as defined by a doctor or other professional.

Patient-centered care supports active involvement of patients and their families in the design of new care models and in decision-making about individual options for treatment.

Read about Patient-centered care on Wikipedia

Patient-centered care has now made it to center stage in discussions of quality.

U.S. National Library of Medicine: The Value and Values of Patient-centered Care

Remember — You have the power! Take control and dial back the pain.

Patient-centered care chart

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