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  • I just checked out Frankie’s page. Such cuteness and so smart. Yup, he’s the whole package.
  • Frankie makes me smile just looking at pics of his cuteness.
  • I always ‘distract myself when the pain is bad like Frankie. That’s the time I get out my gems, jewels, and rings and design new combinations to put together…life may not be great, but at least I can make it better!
  • To take your mind off of the pain is so important. Thank you for the great posts!
  • Oh Frankie is so sweet!! I am also a chronic pain sufferer and have 3 fur-babies that always make me feel loved and never leave my side.
  • I love Frankie and my Boston Terrier; he helps me with my pain
  • Love Frankie! Had a Boston growing up! She was so darned smart but what a stinker!
  • Cutie pie!!! I feel happy to see him, so precious
  • Adorable. Awesome. Cute.
  • Love this face! What a cute smile!!
  • Frankie Dios te bendice (Frankie let God blessed you)
  • Love this dog, Boston Terriers are special to me
  • Just liked Frankie after seeing your page. I have chronic pain and dogs help loads x x

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